I am currently director of Stockholm Free World Forum, a Swedish foreign and security policy think-tank, and associate researcher at the Swedish Defence University. My research has focused on contemporary warfare, security studies and all things related to Russia. I have worked at the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters with Russia-questions, Russian strategy and how to respond to it, long-term planning, and the role of technology in international security.

I hold a PhD and an MA from the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. I’ve also been a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley in California 2016-17. I have teaching experience from running BA-courses to guest-lecturing on MA-courses focusing on international relations, security studies and war studies.

I am open to public-speaking, moderating and freelance-offers. I am frequent public speaker on Russia-related issues, as well as security and defence. As a consultant I’ve worked for everything between hedgefunds to think-tanks and goverments. I have featured in TV, print and radio.

If you are interested to get in touch, you can reach me at oscar.jonsson[at]gmail.com.

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